Luxury apartment in the heart of the merchant city

The Merchant City

The Merchant City is one of the oldest quarters of Glasgow and has been the home for monks, merchants and merry makers for centuries. The likes of Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde are both known to have entertained in the Merchant City. Now it could be your turn to be entertained and fascinated by the diversity of this area of Glasgow’s City Centre.

Today the area is witnessing a remarkable rebirth. Cutting edge theatres, galleries, shops, cafes and restaurants have all been spawned from previously redundant historic buildings. In the many pubs and restaurants you will find patrons ordering exotic cocktails or pints of heavy whilst enjoying suchi or a scotch pie, such is the attraction to all cultural divides.

The LIBRARY APARTMENT is right in the centre of the Merchant City and indeed its neighbour is The Tobacco Merchants House which is the headquarters of the Scottish Civic Trust. It is the last surving tobacco laird's house left standing in the Merchant City. Our own building was designed by James Smith a famous Glasgow architect in 1863 and was the original Stirlings Library.

There are many websites where you can read a lot more about the Merchant city. Here are a few guides which may help you get more acquainted with this vibrant and interesting part of Glasgow

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